Do you feel a desire to:

  • discover your full-bodied ecstatic aliveness?
  • enjoy a beautiful winter holiday on a tropical island in Thailand?

Well, you can now have both at once! 


Let's embark on a journey into sexual awakening and the flowering of this energy into divine sexuality on a beautiful tropical island in Thailand. 




with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Dev Ninad

4th - 11th January 2020

Koh Samui, Thailand

In this group we explore

5 stages of sensual awakening:

  • Self love
    Naturally develops between 0—7 years of age
  • Same sex bonding
    Spontaneously arises between 7—14 years of age
  • Heterosexual relating
    Commences between 14 –21 years of age
  • Intimacy
    Emerges easily in an individual who has experimented with “sowing their wild oats” and then feels the urge to go deeper with one partner
  • Sacred Sexuality
    Arises if one has deeply lived the other phases of development

If you have suffered a traumatic experience during one or more of these phases,

your sensual development may become stunted and you will have difficulty to access your potential for fulfilment in sex and relating. 

I was 28 years old and felt a deep longing for a profound and deep relationship but I kept meeting only "unavailable men" - usually married or living far away from my home land, or not ready for relationship. In this Sacred Sexuality workshop with Sarita I discovered my wounding around intimacy. I went on a deep journey during this group and miraculously, right after the group (!), I could see through the veil and could say my deep YES to my that time lover. He did the same and became fully available for me and our relationship. We have travelled together since then. Now we are married and have two beautiful boys together. I am deeply thankful for Sarita and her work. This group changed my life forever!
Aneta KonculovaCzech Republic

How does it work? 

During the group process, we live through these phases of sensual awakening, rewriting our life script in a positive way, using: 

  • Tantric meditations
  • Rituals
  • Group exercises
  • Dance
  • Psychodrama

You will be able to resolve and heal wrong conditioning around sexuality and move forward on your life path towards an ecstatic expression of all that you are!

Integral parts of the group are methods to awaken the dormant life force, also known as Kundalini energy, leading you into expanded states of consciousness and bliss. In this milieu, the group soul expands, into an ongoing dance of vibrant loving aliveness.

The transformation you experience during this group is deep and lasting.

"Oneness and duality, the divine and the animal, the higher and the lower were all concepts, words; this programme and especially Sarita provided an experience in an environment that was safe, masterfully crafted and had love as its central ingredient. Healing past traumas with the utmost of ease. I’d have missed a major turning point in my spiritual journey had I not come here and would have wandered in the corridors of uncertainty, confusion and frustration. My heartfelt prayers and love to all and I bow down to Sarita."
Ekantparticipant of Sacred Sexuality group

Introducing your world renowned tantra teacher and her co-teacher: 

Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.

Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences.

She is also a master healer, author and consultant.


Sarita was already very sensitive to subtle energies and guidance from Spirit as a child, and as a young teenager she left her home town in California and went in search of the essence of life. She hitch-hiked her way throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and India. She met Osho in Mumbai India in 1973, at the age of 17, and subsequently remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation, Tantra, Love and Relationship.

She began teaching in 1990 and moved to Europe in 1999 where she established a School devoted to Tantra and Healing Arts. She is author of two books on Tantra and also publishes a monthly newsletter and numerous articles in a wide range of magazines. She has developed 8 levels of training for couples, which has been running successfully in Europe since 1998. She also teaches a Tantra Meditation Retreat in Dharamsala India, offering profoundly transformative experience of 112 methods from the 5000 year old scripture, The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. She offers an international Tantra Teachers Training, comprised of 4 two week modules, the Tantra Mystic Massage Training and numerous other groups and courses.
Sarita works with her Kaula ‘Family’ of highly gifted Tantra Teachers, who have trained extensively with her and who also teach all over the world.

Dev Ninad (Martin Vrabko) 

Thanks to a number of stimuli Martin decided to share his experience he gained in the field of Tantra.

He started pursuing the path of Tantra in 2004. He trained with John Hawken, Alan Lowen and in 2016 he successfully completed Tantra Teachers Training – training for Tantra lecturers, led by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita who is a long-time follower of the tantric master OSHO.

Since 2016 he has been regularly lecturing about Tantra and conducting weekend tantric seminars. He completed several annual tantric trainings as a participant or an assistant.

In 2015 Martin took Sannyas – the path of spreading Tantra and OSHO teaching, accepting Sannyas name Dev Ninad.

Martin also works as a photographer and a film maker. He works with internationally renowned tantric teachers on projects that promote Tantra.

What others said about this workshop: 

I’ve never experienced so much healing, bliss, fun, and love in just 6 days. I feel reborn. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with so much support and safety.
This was an absolutely wonderful course and I have had massive breakthroughs and shifts on it with regard to my sexual self-expression, playfulness, relating to others, joy, laughter and FUN! I have done many years of personal development courses but all of them melt away to nothing in comparison to this! This course reaches those parts that other courses do not reach – in fact they’re not even on the starting block! The course is challenging and confronting but immense fun! I thank Sarita and Suta from the bottom of my heart for their immense knowledge, wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm and playfulness. Thank you!
The course was absolutely mind-blowing and has left me feeling deeply nourished on every level. I found Sarita to be the most incredible workshop leader I have ever encountered (and I have been doing groups and workshops for many years), she combines grace, compassion, lightness, intuition and deep wisdom. At all times I felt safe and ‘held’ and the structures, although challenging, were all offered in a spirit of invitation with plenty of support and encouragement. It was fine to say no at any point and because of this, most of the group were able to say yes to all of the exercises. I have been able to clear some very deep stuff and I feel and look a lot lighter according to the friends who have seen me since I returned. I feel alive, desirable and energised!

Already getting excited? 

Just wait when you hear about our accommodation and food! 

Practical information

The event is held at Vikasa Yoga resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. 

This venue is a unique space for personal evolution. It’s the ideal place to practice yoga and tantra, find like-minded people, eat healthy food, and evolve in an amazing natural environment. Their location is majestic and awe- inspiring.

Check out their website here >>>

You can choose from these two accommodation options for our retreat: 


• Twin bed (single occupancy only)

• Garden View
• Air Conditioning
• Cooling Fan
• Moskito nets
• Small private bathroom with hot water
• Mini fridge
• Electronic safe


• King size bed (by default) or 2 single beds (by request)
• Partial sea views or garden view
• Air conditioning
• En-suite bathroom with shower
• Large terrace
• Mini-fridge
• Coffee / tea making facilities
• Electronic safe
• Free WiFi

More pictures of these 2 accom. options can be found here >>>


You will be enjoying a high quality vegan buffet. 

I tried it myself! They use only fresh & delicious ingredients and have award winning chefs.  

Included in the price is: 

BRUNCH 9:30 - 11:30 

DINNER 18:30 - 20:30

Daily schedule

We will meet every morning for meditation and morning programme. Then we enjoy delicious brunch and short afternoon programme. The majority of the afternoon is free so that you can enjoy beach, pool or make trips around the island. We meet again for dinner and evening programme

We start at 5pm on 4th Jan. You can check-in from 2pm. 

Check out on the 11th Jan is at 12:00. The workshop finishes between 12-2pm on 11th Jan. 

NOTE TO WOMEN: All female places are sold out at the moment. Are you still interested to come? Please email me, I will put you on a waiting list - 

1990 $
tuition fee for the course
brunch and dinner
accommodation in ocean view room
(double occupancy only!)

Price in EUR


Ocean Room

2090 $
tuition fee for the course
brunch and dinner
accommodation in zen bungalow
(single occupancy)


Price in EUR


Zen Bungalow

Sounds brilliant? 

Follow your instinct and your heart's desire and simply give yourself this gift of healing and holidays in one beautiful package. 

This is the retreat you have been waiting for. 

The best teachers, top programme, amazing location, food, beach, great people...

The retreat you will remember forever. 

Just say YES to this abundance and book you place now ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions: 


• 2 direct flights from Singapore daily (Silkair and Bangkok Air) • 2 direct flights from Kuala Lumpur daily (Firefly and Bangkok Air) • 1 direct flight from Penang every second day (Firefly) • 2 direct flights from Hong Kong daily (Bangkok Air) • at least 10 daily frights from Bangkok (Bangkok Air, and Thai Airlines) • see flights via Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Pattaya as these are often cheaper (Bangkok Air) • Alternatively there’s an option to fly cheap with AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to Suratthani International Airport located on mainland. From where you will need to take a bus to Donsak pier, then a ferry or speedboat to Koh Samui, and finally a taxi to Vikasa.


Vikasa is located by the ocean side on the ring road between Lamai and Chaweng Noi beaches. Right next is Samui Cliff View Hotel, and opposite there’s a Muay Thai boxing school and Sky Gym. We are 20 minutes drive away from Koh Samui International airport, and 35 minutes drive from both Nathon and Lipa Noi ferry terminals.


Koh Samui climate is tropical and high in both temperature and humidity. Most people find it pleasant. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is getting too hot, just enter an air conditioned room and you will “recharge your batteries”. A dip in a pool can also be very refreshing. Remember to drink a lot of water so you don’t become dehydrated. You will experience “summer temperatures” here year round. On some days you might find yourself in a refreshing tropical shower for a moment. The rain showers are often short and as island’s water supplies are finite, the rain is needed and important.


Let’s start with what you don’t need to bring first. There will be towels available in each room including one beach towel. We also provide with a set of shampoos and soaps that are refilled regularly. We might not have your favourite brand though! Please bring your required set of personal hygiene items but don’t worry in case you forget something. There are plenty of shops you can buy practically anything on Koh Samui. Please note that there are no hairdryers in the rooms so please bring one if necessary. A lot of comfortable clothes that is easy to wash and dry will come handy for your daily workshop practise. Otherwise you won’t actually need a lot of garment other than t-shirts and shorts, light dresses, and of course flip flops. The temperature rarely drops below 24 Celsius, or 75 Fahrenheit, even at night, so no sweaters or parkas needed. Don’t forget about sunblock and bikinis!


Vikasa premises are sprayed against mosquitos once a week, but you can not fight nature. Just remember to close your room door during sunrise and sunset hours when the they are usually most active. Mosquito repellants are available free of charge in Vikasa and in any pharmacy or 7-11 which are many on the island.


Standard tourist visa upon arrival is normally valid for 30 days upon arrival to Thailand without prior application for the most of passport holders. Please consult a Thai embassy representative in your home country just to double-check. To extend your visa duration you have several options:


Local currency in Thailand is Thai Baht. You don’t need to bring a lot of cash with you. Banking infrastructure is well developed on Koh Samui. There are safe and reliable ATMs on very corner that accept all types of cards, VISA and Masercard preferred. You can also exchange your home currency at any bank easily. There is an ATM on Vikasa premises as well.


Prices on your typical groceries including tropical fruits are most likely to be lot cheaper than back home. There are 7/11s and Family Marts that are open 24 hours on every corner in Koh Samui. Sometimes 2 or 3 on one corner! There’s also an awesome open-air shopping mall Central Festival where you can buy anything from beach clothes to electronics and cameras. It is located 15 minutes drive from Vikasa. Not to mention plenty of cute little shops along Chaweng and Lamai beaches, which are the two most busiest areas in Koh Samui just 10 minutes drive from Vikasa. Finally each Friday there’s a laid back night market in Fisherman’s Village that is an absolute must visit.


Absolutely. Koh Samui is a safe place in general, and Vikasa in particular. This is a very popular upscale tourist destination, and also an island, so you do not need to worry about safety away from home. Vikasa will be like home, the staff are very helpful and warm, and also workshop participants become like a family.


You can easily acquire prepaid local SIM card at any 7-11 or Family mart. We recommend “AIS One-Two-Call” or “DTAC Happy”. All SIM cards are 4G ready allowing you to browse Internet at very reasonable speed and rates. Don’t forget that there’s a free WiFi throughout Vikasa resort.


Laundry service is outsourced with a next day delivery in most of the cases. Rates for doing laundry are very cheap so don’t worry about maintaining your hygiene requirements. However as we are using outside service providers please try to avoid bringing expensive clothes just to be on a safe side.


Airport transfer is not included in the price of the room and should be arranged with the group prior to arrival. A flight number is required for a pick-up to be arranged. Please send full guest name, arrival date, time, and flight number at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Please send it to my email - Transfers are provided only to and from Koh Samui airport. No pick-ups from ferries are provided.The price is 20 dollars/person/1way. Alternativelly, you can just book a taxi outside the terminal building. It is safe and easy.


• Signature island trips ($50 - $75 per person) min 6 per. • Massages and spa treatments (from $20) • Island hopping boat trips for larger groups • Airport transfer ($20/person/way)

Meet your organisor

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

My name is Aneta and I am your group organisor. I have been myself a participant at the Sacred Sexuality group and also visited Vikasa Yoga Resort. I have been organising groups for many years and will do my best to help you plan your perfect Sacred Sexuality retreat on Koh Samui. 

I am a Biodanza teacher, wife and mother of two beautiful little boys. We live in Czech Republic. 


My contact details:

tel: 00420 723 590 119

This group is from Tantra Essence